Year 7 Program

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Our Year 7 program is focused on foundation skills and knowledge. In the first semester of Year 7 our focus is building student confidence.
We felt relationships needed to be a key focus if we wanted our students to be creative and take risks to gain deeper learning. Therefore much like many schools, we approached this by implementing whānau time in the morning to give the teachers an opportunity to get to know and check in with each student in a non academic way. Only then did the students enter their context skills technology program for the day.
These programs were designed to give each student the basic skills in each context area. During these three week learning rotations, staying in whānau groups the students move around the teachers. We did this to allow students to get to know each teacher, helping to build our sense of community within the centre.
In the second term of Year 7, our focus is on growth and innovation. We move our program more to project based learning. However, here the learning is still scaffolded to allow students the opportunity to work at their own pace and ability whilst having some ownership of the outcomes. Within a project students can decide to work at three different learning levels at each design stage. To help monitor and promote student growth and confidence whānau teachers will move through the rotations together with their students. This will help us to identify areas each student needs support in.