Students Take the Lead on Road Safety

A group of senior students at Te Matauru Primary are taking the lead on Road Safety issues near their school.

“After school each day we walk across Townsend Road and the West Belt roundabout in a group with some of our teachers”, say the students in their petition, ‘but our school is growing quickly and we need to have road crossings and a slower traffic area so that we can cross safely”.

“We plan to present a petition to our Mayor later this term and hope that he will be able to help us make our area safer. We are hoping that not only our school community will sign the petition, but anyone else who lives in or drives through the West Belt Roundabout. We all want to feel safe when we walk home after school, and we want cars driving past us to know that we are safe too” they said.

“Road safety is the number one concern school parents and members of the community approach me about. We have met with council representatives twice to agree a road safety strategy, but with quicker than anticipated growth at the school, we need a solution which is both fast tracked and also more sustainable over the longer term” said school Principal Danny Nicholls.

Mr. Nicholls hopes that the voices of students will be taken seriously and that suggested solutions, such as a reduced speed zone and road crossings, will be implemented. “None of us want to look back after a tragedy and saying we should have been more proactive, so my hope is that we can get this issue progressed, not just for our school but everyone who lives in or drives through West Rangiora”

The link for the petition is here.

Non-Uniform Days - Koha for St John

On Friday 16th April (last day of Term 1) and Friday 9th July we will be holding Non-Uniform days for a gold donations to raise a Koha for St Johns. This is for a Koha for the lessons that St Johns are coming to do with our students Sessions are 25/26th May and 14/15th September. Please see below more information on what these lessons will look like: