3 Things About me

A list of 3 things for the Te Matauru Community to get to know the team a little better! You can put faces to the names here.

Chelsea Anderson - Office Manager

Julia Husband - Office Administrator

Bruce Walker - Caretaker

1. I enjoy travelling, good food with a matching beverage

2. I have 2 adult children and have 7 grand children     

3. I  enjoy fishing and  gardening 

Sharon Marsh - Interim Principal

Rachele Poole - Deputy Principal

Jessica Bergs - Deputy Principal

Jen Hodgkinson - Maukatere Centre Lead

Danni McCord - Music & Kapahaka Teacher

Ōpuke - Year 0-1 Team

Gemma Stopforth

Megan Canton

Brenda Sharpe

Jacinta Nicholls

Ōkūkū -Year 2-4 Team

Melissa Burtenshaw

Rebecca de Waal

Andy Richmond

Kelly Maude

Suzanne Little

Ōkūkū -Year 5-6 Team

Bridgid Fowler

Nathan Buller

Ōkūkū -Year 7-8 Team

Sophie Page

Nick Foxley

Maukatere Team

Sarah Lafleur

Katherine Hanna

Mat Jenkins

Haidee Cartwright

Shevaun Walsh

1. I grew up in North Canterbury and currently live a 30-second walk away from New Brighton Beach.

2. Tending to my indoor and outdoor plants is my happy place.

3. I love creativity! Sometimes I renovate furniture, paint or draw artworks, or simply enjoy listening to music!

Learning Assistants

Vicki Edwards

Olivia Gardener

Jeanette Phillips

Nikki Halliwell

Marianne van de Bank

Kristi Van der Zwet

Kaitlin Mee