TMP Unite

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TMP Unite Team

Laura Barrett, Roberta Soper, Megan Andersen, Catherine Ellen, Rachael Andrew, Lauren Purvis, Carol Harrison,
Becks McLean, Fiona Yorke, Edwina Paterson

Our Objectives


  • Develop and foster relationships between Te Matauru staff, Students, Families/Whānau and the wider community.

  • Provide opportunities for parents/caregivers to be involved in the life of the school.

  • Raise funds to provide improved facilities and educational opportunities for members of the school community.

  • What we do:

          1. Plan fundraisers

          2. Community event support e.g Christmas parade

          3. Host relationship building opportunities - parent social / fundraising nights, discos

          4. Support school initiatives - sports days, open days

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