Cultural Narrative

The name gifted to the School by Ngāi Tūāhuriri

“Te Matauru” which means “The eye to the west”

Mata = face/eye

Uru = west

Mata is also short for “Taumata” = summit/top of hill/resting place. The area was a trail to the alps and to the hunting grounds. The school site is near Māori Reserve MR873 but was not a place of major settlement.

Our Pepeha

Ko Maungatere te maunga

Ko Rakahuri te awa

Ko Ngāi Tūāhuriri te mana whenua

Naia toku mihi

Ko Te Matauru toku kura

Our Vision Statement

“Ekea Kā Taumata Ki Te Uru” which means “Look to the peaks of the alps and ascend to great heights”

Cultural Focus

Thanks to Whaea Danni we now have a library of soundbites to help us with the pronunciation of our building and space names,
along with the meaning behind the names we were gifted for these spaces.
Check out the videos below!

Te Tiritiri



Kura Tawhiti