Centre Vision

To nurture lifelong learners that meet the needs of the evolving future; to inspire positive contributors that use technological thinking, empathy, and practical skills to help shape the human environment.

Learning Philosophy

We believe all students are on a learning journey, and to help support this journey students should be engaged in a practice that is supported by scaffolds to enable them to experience success whilst on the road to mastery growth.

We are a learning community that values:




Design Thinking Process

Maukatere Design Process

Maukatere Value and Beliefs


Mahi Tahi


  • We take care of this place

  • We take care of each other

  • We take care of ourselves

  • I understand the roles and responsibilities of the group

  • I listen to understand others

  • I listen and respond with an open mind to different ideas and values.

  • I presume positive intentions of all my group members

  • I arrive ready to learn

  • I positively engage in learning activities

  • I take initiative and show commitment to my learning

  • I persist, even when learning is challenging

  • I use reflection and feedback to enhance learning