How can we enrol our children?

The Ministry of Education has finalised and confirmed the opening zone for Te Matauru Primary.

To check if you are in our zone, please click here. You will also find the enrolment form here.

Do you offer before and after school care?

We are lucky to have Busy Bumbles onsite at TMP for our before and after school care. Click here to learn more.

What is the building design for the school?

We have a “power of two” model in which two teachers collaborate together with a group of learners. With this in mind we have commissioned learning spaces with flexibility to ensure learners can have a strong sense of identity, agency, belonging and security with their teachers in a manageable space. These are typically smaller than what might be called “modern learning environments”. We also have some larger learning spaces which will be used as required for different groups.

What size will the school be?

The stage one build is for a capacity of 350 and opened at the start of 2020 with 88 day one students. The stage two build allows capacity for 700 students. Stage two build will occur as the roll grows. Core infrastructure (admin block, playground, outdoor areas) have been designed with our maximum size in mind.

Is there a uniform?

Yes, click here to view all our uniform information.

I live in your zone but go to another school. What does that mean for us?

If you live in the Te Matauru Zone then:

a) you can retain your place at your current school for current and future members of your family under a grandparenting agreement as long as you continue to live at your current address. if you move address (even within zone), you will lose this entitlement, unless your current school agrees to your continuing enrolment as an out of zone enrolment.

b) you can transfer your child to Te Matauru Primary.

In short – you have choices of schools! If you are in this situation and considering Te Matauru, we recommend talking to both schools so that you understand all implications of any decisions you make.

I live outside of your zone but want to enrol my child. What does that mean for us?

Currently we are not taking any out of zone enrolments.

The Ministry of Education is conducted a review of all Rangiora school zones during 2021. They have established defined zones for Rangiora which can be viewed here: https://www.educationcounts.govt.nz/find-school