Enrol at Te Matauru

Enrol at Te Matauru

Enrolment Zone 

All students who live within the home zone described below* shall be entitled to enrol at the school.
You can check your address to see what zone you are in on the Education Counts website here.

From the intersection of South Belt and Townsend Road;

Addresses on both sides of boundary roads are considered in-zone unless specified otherwise.

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

Each year, applications for enrolment in the following year from in-zone students will be sought by a date which will be published in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.  This will enable the board to assess the number of places which can be made available to students who live outside the home zone.

Out of Zone Enrolments - 2024 Ballot Information

The out of zone ballot for 2024 took place on Friday 22 September. 

Please keep an eye out at the end of August/start of September 2024 for information regarding out of zone places for 2025.