At Te Matauru Primary we aim to ensure that we meet the needs of our community. We appreciate the support we get from our community in return.
Below are the testimonials from some of our current school families.

We are the parents of three girls at Te Matauru Primary; Charlotte aged 5, Sophie 8, Emily 10 and a 16 year old son, Connor at High School.

Te Matauru is a school full of fun, friendship, learning and opportunity. Our girls continue to grow academically while they are encouraged to become more confident and resilient individuals through leading school assembly, taking on roles of responsibility, buddying with other students, speeches, school trips, Kapa Haka, Jump Jam, music and sports. Many of these opportunities were not available in our previous school.

The teachers and school staff are warm and friendly and always feel very approachable. In particular our girls have enjoyed being taught by Miss Stopforth, Mr Richmond and Mr Buller who are all exceptional teachers and a significant part of the reason why they love going to school each day. We are grateful that Principal Nicholls is familiar with all the pupils and their whānau and is often there to greet us in the mornings. As parents we also feel welcome and included in school events and our children's learning.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to move our children to Te Matauru Primary.

Chris and Rachael Andrew

Our children were foundation pupils at Te Matauru Primary school. From the initial meetings (prior to the school opening) with Danny and the staff, we felt excited and had no doubt that the decision to send Lucy and Jack to Te Matauru would be the right one.

The children are excited about going to school each day and have thrived in the environment that the staff have established. There is a real community feel and the events the school holds are well supported by students, parents, staff and the wider school whānau. The staff continue to focus on whanaungatanga and developing strong links within the community.

Shane and I believe developing our children both socially and academically are equally important and this is embedded within the school's core values of respect, bravery and responsibility. All staff are approachable and are willing to go the extra mile in ensuring our children are given every opportunity to realise their full potential. Shane and I would have no hesitation in recommending Te Matauru Primary to prospective families looking to choose a primary school in the Rangiora area.

Shane and Bex McLean

We are delighted to be a part of the Te Matauru Primary School community. We decided to enrol our two girls into year 5 and 7 for the inaugural TMP year in 2020. Our girls education and learning environment is very important, so we afforded it plenty of thought. It wasn’t an easy decision as they were going to leave another local school, but it was aided after going to the first few meet and greet information evenings. We could immediately sense the professionalism and quality of staff which was in evidence. This has since been born out and we couldn’t be happier.

The new facilities are an obvious attraction, but more than that the people are the real reason we are delighted. The quality of teaching is excellent and there is a sense of togetherness and vibrancy which is lovely along with a strong future focus. Of particular note for us, are the amazing outdoor activities offered and in this regard we are just super impressed by senior teacher Jess Bergs and her commitment to this. Our girls are thriving happily in TMP’s school environment and are developing fantastic, confident life skills. Its great when kids really want to go to school!

Dale and Sarah

We chose Te Matauru as it allowed the boys some independence of getting themselves to school and back as they were attending an out of zone school. Since starting at Te Matauru it has been wonderful to see the boys meet and form friendships with the neighbourhood kids and families.

We were blown away by the state of the art rooms and facilities at Te Matauru and impressed by the calibre of teaching staff.

Both Tom and Harry have flourished under Mr Foxley and Mr Buller in year 5 and 6. Both Mr Buller and Mr Foxley are inspiring, motivating and engaging which is evident in the stories and conversations we have at the dinner table and their progress they have made with their learning. As parents we have noticed a confidence boost in both the boys, streaming from being truly engaged and inspired. From newly-found confidence and resilience in the dreaded Cross country, to academic progress and success.

Kathryn and Karl Atkinson