• Youtube - Mathantics - Mathantics explains tricky to understand math concepts. The videos are aimed at older children but does explain the basics at the start of each clip.

  • Prodigy games - a fun, interactive numeracy website children just love!Most of our students will have a login for this engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform. If not, you are able to set up a free account easily.

  • Tangram - more of a puzzle solving game but great for developing mathematical thinking.

  • Card games – ideas on how to use a deck of cards to support learning.

  • Prototec - a fantastic NZ based website to develop accuracy and fluency with basic facts.

  • Maths dictionary – visual representation of many mathematical concepts. Excellent for developing understanding of vocabulary.

  • More maths games – lots to choose from. Some will require Flash player.

  • Math Playground – as well as the exciting games, be sure to check out the Maths Manipulatives and the Thinking Blocks. These provide great opportunities for you to talk with your child about maths.

  • INZ Maths Families and whānau

  • Fun Learning for Kids - great worksheets if you have the ability to print at home

  • TKI Journals - Instructional Series - select the year level or the appropriate curriculum level and search through for a journal. Most have follow up activities as well.

  • Epic Reading - Epic has thousands of books and audio books for children. This may cost but is free (school hours) if a school account is set up. Password: mhr0700

  • Storyline Online - this website has heaps of books read by celebrities. Some books even have follow up activities.

  • Scholastic story starters - click the crank and choose a random topic to write about!

  • The Literacy Shed - this website has lots of writing picture prompts to inspire writing at home. Great for children who find it hard to form ideas.

  • Once upon a picture - even more picture prompts!

  • BBC – interactive content/lessons/videos/quizzes on different writing skills

  • freerice.com - general knowledge and vocabulary quiz

  • Reading Eggs/Eggspress - free 30 day trial

  • Ministry of Education - Literacy learning resources

  • Fun Learning for kids - great worksheets if you have the ability to print at home

  • Dance Mat - Dance Mat typing is a great typing game to help teach children how to type correctly

  • Art Attack series - Disney Junior also has a playlist of videos for arts and crafts

  • Art for Kids Hub - ‘How to Draw’ videos and art / craft ideas

  • 5-Minute Crafts Play - quick craft ideas, experiments and tricks that you can try together.

  • Te Reo Singalong - Te Reo Singalong book, with a video introducing the book, a video of her doing the book with the song, and a video with an activity.

  • Kidz Bop - child-friendly versions of popular songs. Can your children learn some of the lyrics or dance along with the moves shown in the videos?

  • Classical Kids Storytime - Children’s stories that are accompanied by classical music.

If you have any questions please contact your child's whānau teacher:

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Year 3

Year 4